Construction of polymeric metal-organic nanocapsule networks via supramolecular coordination-driven self-assembly.

Polymeric metal-organic nanocapsule networks (polyMONCs), where metal-organic nanocapsules (MONCs) are connected by functional polymers, could possess the properties of traditional polymers and also retain the structures of MONCs.

Herein we constructed novel polyMONCs based on Mg-seamed pyrogallol[4]arene-containing MONCs through supramolecular coordination-driven self-assembly.

The MONCs can be successfully polymerized by using polyethylene glycol as linkers and the prepared polyMONCs can be further made into gels with self-healing property and stimuli-responsiveness. Advantageously, the single crystals of MONCs crosslinked by ethylene glycol/diethylene glycol were obtained, giving us direct perspectives to mimic and investigate the self-assembly process of polyMONCs.

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