Biotech tools


  1. 《Astec PCR machine, CO2 incubators》
  2. 《Biomate UltraPette Pipette Controller》
  3. 《BioSmith (BIOCOOL)》 《CAVOY Mini P-4 Vertical Electrophoresis System》
  4. 《DISCOVERY Comfort pipettes》 《Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners》
  5. 《EYELA Freeze Dryers & Rotary Evaporators》
  6. 《Hettich High Speed Centrifuges》
  7. 《LMS Mini-Centrifuge & Hotplate Stirrer》
  8. 《Mettler Toledo PH/EC Meters》
  9. 《Mupid Electrophoresis Systems》
  10. 《Novasina Water Activity Meter》
  11. 《Pall Minimate TFF System》 《Qsonica Sonicators》
  12. 《Retsch Mixer Mill》 《Sartorius Balance》
  13. 《Taylor Wharton Liquid Nitrogen Tank》
  14. 《VELP Magnetic Stirrers.Vortex Mixers.Homogenizer》


  1. ELx50 Microplate Strip Washer Microplate Reader ArdyBio Mini Centrifuge Electrophoresis System
  2. Gel Documentation System MS Hybridization Oven
  3. MS Incubator MS Peristaltic Pump
  4. MS Pipette MS Shaker
  5. Power Supply Stirring Water Bath
  6. Thermoblock Reactor

AAT Bioquest USA

Photometric reagents and assay kits for biochemical, cell-based and even diagnostic research areas.

Lieven Gevaert, Bio-engineer
  1. 【ADME & Tox】 【Apoptosis & Cytotoxicity】
  2. 【Apoptosis】 【Biotin & Its Derivatives】
  3. 【Cell Labeling】 【Cell Metabolism】
  4. 【Cellular pH & Ion Indicators】
  5. 【Classic Labeling Dyes】 【Crosslinkers】
  6. 【Cytotoxicity】 【Enzyme Detection – HDAC】
  7. 【Enzyme Detection – HRP】 【Enzyme Detection – Hydrolytic Enzyme】
  8. 【Enzyme Detection – Peptidase & Protease】
  9. 【Enzyme Detection – Phosphatase】
  10. 【Enzyme Detection – Phosphodiesterase】
  11. 【Enzyme Detection – Protein Kinase】
  12. 【Enzyme Detection – Redox】 【Enzyme Detection – Transferase】
  13. 【GPCR Assays – Calcium】 【GPCR Assays – cAMP】
  14. 【GPCR Binding Assays】 【Hydroxy-Reactive Probes】
  15. 【Ion Channel & Membrane Potential】
  16. 【Labeling Quenchers – Classic】
  17. 【Labeling Quenchers Tide Quencher
  18. 【Microbiology – Flow Cytometry】
  19. 【Microbiology – Fluorescence Imaging】
  20. 【Microbiology – iFluor Rapid Test】
  21. 【Microbiology – Vital Stain】 【Neurobiology – beta-Amyloid Analysis】
  22. 【Neurobiology – Reactive Oxygen Species】
  23. 【Neurological Enzymes】 【Nucleic Acid Detection – DNA】
  24. 【Nucleic Acid Detection – RNA】
  25. 【Oligo Labeling Reagents】 【Oligo Synthesis – Amine & Thiol Modifier】
  26. 【Oligo Synthesis – Quencher】 【Peptide Labeling Reagents】
  27. 【Peptides Synthesis – Boc Amino Acids】
  28. 【Peptides Synthesis – Fmoc Amino Acids】
  29. 【Protein Biochemistry】 【Protein-Based Tags】
  30. 【Reporter Gene Enzymes】 【Secondary Reagents – Fluorescent】
  31. 【Secondary Reagents – Streptavidin】
  32. 【Small Molecule Detection – Anions】
  33. 【Small Molecule Detection – Diagnostic】
  34. 【Small Molecule Detection – Metal Ions】

Biotech Tools for Life Science

  1. 【Apoptosis Kits】 【CLIA Kits】
  2. 【ELISA Kits】 【Enzymes】 【Isotype Control】
  3. 【PCR Kits】 【Primary Antibodies】
  4. 【Proteins And Peptides】 【Reagents and Tools】
  5. 【Secondary Antibodies】 【siRNA】
  6. 【Small Molecules】 【Western Blot Reagents】

Poly and monoclonal antibodies

  1. 【Acetylation mAb】 【Acetylation pAb】
  2. 【Hydroxylation mAb】 【Methylation mAb】
  3. 【Methylation pAb】 【Monoclonal Abs】
  4. 【Pan-Acetylation mAb】 【Pan-Acetylation pAb】
  5. 【Pan-Methylation pAb】 【Pan-Phosphorylation mAb】
  6. 【Phosphorylation mAb】 【Phosphorylation pAb】
  7. 【Polyclonal Abs】

Diagnostic kits and reagents for detection of more than 300 Plant Pathogens.

Nano Diagnostics

  1. 【ELISA Test for GMO】 【ELISA Tests for Bacteria】
  2. 【ELISA Tests for Fungi】 【ELISA Tests for Plant Virus】


Reagents (monoclonal antibodies and antibody conjugates) and Rapid Kits for identifying pathogens of fish and shrimp.

Arthus Biosystems

  1. S-adenosylmethionine(SAM, AdoMet, SAMe)
    Homocysteine(HCy)related antibodies & kits
  2. 【Antibodies and Conjugates】 【Compounds and Conjugates】
    【Immunoassay Kits and Strips】


  1. Density Gradient Media
  2. Lymphoprep
  3. Nycodenz
  4. OptiPrep
  5. Polymorphprep
  6. Polysucrose 400
  7. GentoDenz


Centrifuge tube, Tip, Microtube, PCR tube/plate, reagents etc.

  1. Immunohistochemistry Specific Reagents
  2. Northern/Southern Blot Specific Reagents
  3. Plasticwares Reagents for Gerneral Use
  4. UltraPette Pipette Controller Western Blot Specific Reagents

ChemCatch Inhibitors
Inhibitors for studies of cell signaling pathways


  1. Elisa kits
  2. antibodies

ChemFaces Biochemical Co., Ltd.

The professional manufacturer of high-purity natural products for internal reference standards, pharmacological research, and inhibitors.

  1. 【Alkaloids】 【Anthraquinones】
  2. 【Chalcones】 【Coumarins】 【Diterpenoids】
  3. 【Flavonoids】 【Iridoids】 【Lignans】
  4. 【Lipids】 【Miscellaneous】 【Monoterpenoids】
  5. 【Phenolic Acids】 【Phenols】 【Phenylpropanoids】
  6. 【Polyphenols】 【Quinones】 【Saccharides】
  7. 【Sesquiterpenes】 【Sesquiterpenoids】
  8. 【Steroids】 【Tetraterpenoids】
  9. 【Triterpenoids】 【Xanthones】

Enzo Life Sciences

ELISA Kits and Reagents, including antibodies, proteins, inhibitors, etc., mainly related to Heat Shock Protein.

Full Moon BioSystems, Inc.

Antibody Microarray products.

Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories, Inc

Secondary Antibodies

Japan Institute for the Control of Aging (JaICA)

  1. Oxidative Stress Markers (ex. 8-OHdG) related Antibodies and related Kits.
  2. 8-OhDg Elisa kit high sensitive new


  1. Various Cytokine and Immunoglobulin ELISA Kits.
  2. signal transduction
  3. oncology
  4. preclinical
  5. LC Labs products,
  6. research tools

Lillidale Animal Health Ltd

  • Membrane Filtration Products, Inc. (MFPI)
    Cellu·Sep Dialysis Membrane.Clamp.QuixSep Dialyzer
  • Dialysis Membranes Dialyzer
    H1-Series Dialysis Membranes Locking Dialysis Membrane Clamps



  1. Protogel
  2. Sequagel
  3. Histoclear
  4. Formaldehyde

National Diagnostics is a principal worldwide source for the highest quality electrophoresis, liquid scintillation, histology and electro-optical processing reagents.

Lieven Gevaert, Gentaur Bvba

Novus Biologicals, LLC

Wide range of Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibody products.

  1. Antibody Pack ELISA Kit & Antibody Pair
  2. Inhibitor Isotype Control Lysate Other Kits
  3. Others Peptide & Protein Primary Antibody
  4. Reporter Cell Line Secondary Antibody
  5. Tissue Microarray Tissue Slide Transferred WB Membrane
  6. Valukine ELISA Kits


Orange Scientifique

  1. falcon tubes, 50 ml
  2. Polypropylene tubes 15 ml

Next day delivery in Europe at best prices

35 euro for 440 tubes

  1. Fully Autoclavable Micropipettors, Tissue Culture Plasticware, and Various Dialysis Membrane products.
  2. Cell Scrapers Tissue Culture Dishes
    Tissue Culture Flasks with Filter Cap Tissue Culture Test Plates

Pall Corporation

  1. Filtration, separation and detection products, such as Filter Membranes, Transfer Membranes, Centrifugal Devices, and TFF Systems.
  2. Acro Filtration Devices AcroCap Positive Pressure Devices
    AcroPak Filters & Capsules Centrifugal Devices
    Chromatography Products Filter Plates & Filter Plate Manifold
    Microbiological Quality Control Transfer Membranes
    Unique Acrodiscs Syringen Filters with Mustang Water Quality Control


Research antibiotics

United States Biological

Cell Culture, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and Immunology related products.

WAK-Chemie Medical GmbH

  1. AquaClean─ Microbiocidal Additive for Water Soluble Heating Bath Fluids.
  2. Biocidal ZF─ Spray Disinfectant for Incubators and Sterile Cabinets in Cell Culture Area.
  3. AquaClean Biocidal ZF CryoSure

Affinity Biosciences

11,000 different antibodies available, including 2000 phospho-antibodies.

Cusabio Technology LLC

ELISA Kits for various researches including Immunology, Biochemicals, Cancer, Cell Biology, Neuroscience, Food Safety, Drug Residues, and more

  1. 【Bovine】 【Canine】 【Cat】 【Chicken】
  2. 【Cynomologus Monkey】 【Deer】 【Dog】
  3. 【Duck】 【Escherichia coli】 【Fish】
  4. 【Food Safety & Drug Residues】
  5. 【General】 【Goat】 【Guinea pig】
  6. 【Hamster】 【Horse】 【Human】 【Monkey】
  7. 【Mouse】 【Pig】 【Pigeon】 【Plant】
  8. 【Rabbit】 【Rat】 【Sheep】

CATO Research Chemicals Inc.

Reference Standards for Industry, Environment, Pesticide Residue, Hot Spot, Food, Veterinary Drugs, Natural Products, Pharmaceutical, etc.

  • 【Azo Compounds】 【Environmental Reference Standards】
  • 【Food Reference Standards】 【Industry Reference Standards】
  • 【Mixtures & Solutions】 【Natural Product Reference Standards】
  • 【Organic Phosphates】 【Organotins】
  • 【PAHs (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons)】
  • 【Pesticide Residue Reference Standards】
  • 【Plasticizers】 【Standards related to Clothing, Leather & Toy】
  • 【Veterinary Drugs Reference Standards】

BT Lab

ELISA kits for various species including Whale, Shark, Elephant, Giraffe, etc.

  1. 《Bird》 《Bovine》 《Camel》 《Canine》
  2. 《Cat》 《Chicken》 《Donkey》 《Duck》
  3. 《E. coli》 《Elephant》 《Field mouse》
  4. 《Fish》 《General》 《Giraffe》 《Goat》
  5. 《Gosling plague virus》 《Guinea pig》
  6. 《Hamster》 《Horse》 《Human》 《Lizard》
  7. 《Monkey》 《Mouse》 《Plant》 《Porcine》
  8. 《Rabbit》 《Rat》 《Sea Lion》 《Shark》
  9. 《Sheep》 《Whale》

Assay Biotech

Phospho/Non-Phospho Cell-Based.DNA-Binding phospho/non-phospho.Sandwich ELISA Kits

【DNA-Binding non-phospho ELISA】
【DNA-Binding phospho ELISA】 【Non-Phospho Cell-Based ELISA】
【Phospho Cell-Based ELISA】 【Sandwich ELISA】

Hanna Instruments

  1. Automatic Titrator DO (dissolved oxygen) Meter
  2. EC (conductivity) Meter Multiparameter Water Quality Meter
  3. pH Meter Sugar/Sucrose/NaCl Refractometer
  4. Turbidity/Free & Total Chlorine Meter

AB Sciex Pte. Ltd.

QTRAPR LC-MS/MS Systems Triple Quad LC-MS/MS Systems
TripleTOFR Mass Spectrometer Systems

Visual Protein

Products facilitate experiments of Western Blotting, Antibody Production, Protein Purification, and Proteomics.

  1. Antibody Production Protein Purification
  2. Proteomics Western Blotting

MicroDigital Co.,Ltd.

  1. UV/Vis Nano Spectrophotometer.Fully Automatic Immuno Analyzer.Integrated Sample Banking Solution.Microplate Luminometer.Single Tube Luminometer
  2. Fully Automatic Immuno Analyzer Integrated Sample Banking Solution
    Microplate Luminometer Single Tube Luminometer
    UV/Vis Nano Spectrophotometer

Beacon Analytical Systems, Inc.

Immunodiagnostic test kits for environmental, agriculture and food safety markets

  1. 【Algal Toxins – Kit-】 【Antibiotics – Kit-】
  2. 【Crop Protection Chemicals – Kit-】
  3. 【Environmental Contaminants – Kit-】
  4. 【Food Safety – Kit-】 【Immunological Reagents】
  5. 【Industrial Contaminants – Kit-】
  6. 【Mycotoxins – Kit-】 【Plant Growth Hormones – Kit-】
  7. 【Shellfish Toxins – Kit-】 【Veterinary Drugs – Kit-】
  8. 【Vitamins – Kit-】